I’m a reality TV junkie and anyone who knows me knows that! I love, loove, looooooove to reality tv. I’ve actually been inspired by the decor of many of the ladies on these shows. My favorite by far would be Marlo Hampton’s home. She was on Real Housewives of Atlanta last season and her house was so glam! After doing some research I found out that her interior designer was a guy by the name of  Michel Boyd of Smith Boyd Interiors . He did an amazing job on her home. Check out his site as well!



radziwill sofa



Is it possible to fall in love with a sofa, because I think I did! I love the depth of Carole’s sofa, the size and the tiger print! Oh, the tiger print! It’s the kind of sofa that you snuggle on to take a Sunday afternoon nap,  eat a bowl of ice cream or on, or lay across to watch Monday night reality television. The first time I saw the sofa I immediately did a Google search for the sofa and came up empty-handed. Then, last night, I decided to try again and I found out that Carole’s “late Mother in Law had the couch custom designed and built in the 1960’s”. That’s a pretty durable sofa to last so long! I’ll take one, please!


A few months ago while I was shopping in one of my favorite thrift stores, I stumbled upon the poster above. I was immediately attracted to the warm colors and the french phrasing. I thought about putting the poster in my kitchen but decided against it because I was trying to stick to a budget that weekend. Needless to say, I left the store without the poster but I never forgot about it. Fast forward to last weekend, I was shopping on all searching for a poster of New Orleans street names and I decided that maybe I should search for that photo. I searched “french umbrella” and lo and behold my poster was available to purchase, and it was only $8.99, less than the thrift store price! Without hesitation, I purchased both photos for less than $25, including shipping!!

I must mention that aside from being excited about my purchase I was super impressed with the site. Not only did I find exactly what I needed, the site was pretty advanced. You can buy your posters without a frame or you can chose and view your photo with custom framing and mat. In addition to that, the site offers an option to view the poster in several settings like behind a sofa, above a fireplace, in a bedroom etc.. How cool is that?

Check out All and take advantage of the 20% promotion that they are running now!

P.S. As soon as I get the photos and frames, I will post pics 🙂

A few months back I purchased two Bolum rugs from Ikea. They were 3×5 and $3.99 a piece. I purchased them with the sole purpose of painting on them. Well fast forward a few months and I finally found the time to paint the rugs. I decided not to get too crazy and to just create a striped effect. Simple enough, right?…I guess. I must say that I really like the rug and painting them was carthartic but the it looks slightly “DIY” and not “purchased”. Nonetheless, I will still share this project. And if push comes to shove I have one more rug that to practice on.

I love black and white rugs. They are so crisp and regal and they mesh well  with any decor. I would really love to have either a chevron print rug or a  plain striped rug. I really like this rug here, however, $69  + $10 shipping = No bueno. So, I guess I will be keeping my eye on this rug until it goes on sale. Once it’s marked  down to $29.99, it’s mine. Until then, I smell a DIY project in the near future. In the meantime, please check out some of my favorite rug DIY projects here and here.

Remember that previous post about my recently purchased perfume bottle?? Well, forget about it.. or not…Anywho, this past Saturday I went to Hobby Lobby, to purchase more silver leaf for my project, (which is still in the works) and out of the corner of my eye I see a glassware display with a 50% off  advertisement. All of the items featured on display were perfume bottles!! Beautiful, glass perfume bottles. I was soooo excited that I almost cried. They even had bottles with atomizers!! I purchased two, but one is more than likely being returned as I have no need for two perfume bottles.. Check out the pics below..

While parusing Mr. Goodwill Huntings amazing site I ran across the below photo. The photo links back to this article. However, I was more enthused  with the actual table than the article!  It was simple, modern and had great bones. In fact, if it was rectangular, with a glass or mirrored top, it would be perfect for my living room! It looks like something that could be easily located in a thrift store. So I’m thinking this weekend will be spent locating a table like this.