I bought this pretty little thing at Lowe’s today for 4.99! I love this type of houseplant because it’s resilient and just the perfect shade of green! I needed a filler for the space between my television and my dining table/desk and this works perfectly! the only problem is I need a planter! So,  help a sister out! I need something cylindrical  possibly textured, white or gold, and less than $50. Bonus points to the person that can find one with a stand or offer a DIY stand option!

I’m in the market for new curtains and I’ve been struggling with what type of curtains I want. I think I may purchased every type of curtain that Ikea has ever sold. Currently, my window is dressed with a pair of faux dupioni silk curtains that I purchased on sale at Target earlier this year. I like them but I do need more panels to add to the full effect. Now, I’ve just decided that I want a really classic, grown-up pair of curtains that can follow me wherever I may reside. Recently, I’ve developed an affinity for french pleated curtains and I’ve decided that that will be my next purchase, now all of have to do is decided on a color, given my decision making skills, that shouldn’t take longer than a year or so? Anywho, check out the pictures that I found on pinterest for all things home decor). And, when you get a chance, please visit, that site is so addictive.

The layout of my current apartment is similar to this place, and by similar  I mean rectangular, then the comparisons ends… because my placer is smaller and has popcorn ceilings. I’m not complaining though, because I like to have a roof over my head, even if it is a popcorn ceiling. Nonetheless, I like this setup because it solves my problem of looking for wall art  for the negative space on both sides of my curtains. I was starting to feel like if I added more art it would look too crowded considering the five frames behind my sofa. It’s all about balance, folks!

I really like the white curtains in this pic. I can’t use white curtains because of my current wall color and because my sofa is red, or orange, depends on who you ask….The guy who sold it to me six years ago called it paprika, which, in my opinion, is an orange-y-red.

I just really like this room.. The curtains are neutral,  just like I like them. I prefer to keep prints and textures for less permanent things like throw pillows and, sofa throws and other knick knacks. I tend to bore easily with prints, and curtains or not cheap, so it’s best that I keep it neutral.